[BBC] US and S Korea seek stronger ties

US President George W Bush is holding talks in Seoul with his South Korean counterpart, in an effort to overcome past tensions between the two allies.

Mr Bush and President Lee Myung-Bak were expected to focus on nuclear disarmament on the Korean peninsula and promoting free trade. At least 20,000 security personnel were deployed to handle demonstrators angry about a controversial beef import deal. There was a small anti-US protest as Mr Bush arrived on Tuesday. A planned trip in July was cancelled amid widespread anger. At the heart of the controversy is South Korea's decision to resume imports of US beef after a five-year suspension. The protesters say the agreement does not protect them adequately against mad cow disease, or BSE.

As well as the beef deal, the two leaders were expected to discuss a trade and the long-standing US-South Korea security alliance. Progress in multilateral efforts to disarm North Korea are also expected to feature prominently in the talks. The two leaders last met in April, when they agreed the unpopular beef deal. From South Korea Mr Bush goes to the Thai capital, Bangkok, where he is expected to address the issue of Burma. Then he is due to fly to Beijing in time for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on 8 August.

[ from : http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/7542185.stm ]

This article is from England BBC.
Nowadays, I do not read Korean's newspapers anymore. Because when I read some of news in some web site, I find everytime I become angly. Who knows the day I read newspapers again?

Someday, soon and later, Korea will be under peaceful condition. I hope it will be soon as possible as.


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